Euthanasia and Cremation

Unfortunately our beloved pets cannot be with us forever. At Ourvets, we understand the importance of caring for your pet in their last hours and beyond.

Coming to the decision to euthanase your pet can be incredibly difficult. Our vets and vet nurses can guide you in the right direction with this process. There are many things to think about at this time, but the final decision is ultimately what is right for your pet as nobody wants to see their beloved pet suffer.

Euthanasia is the humane ending of your animal’s life by your veterinarian.  Your pet is put to sleep by an overdose of an anaesthetic. From the time of administration of the anaesthetic until when the heart stops will only be a minute or so. This process is very gentle and peaceful for the animal, they will drift off to sleep and not awake.

Once the decision has been made to euthanase your pet the process can be as slow or as fast as you want it. You may want to spend a special few hours or days with your pet before euthanasia, but sometimes you may not have the luxury of time or forward planning. You may or may not want to be present when your pet is put to sleep, either way our staff will assist your needs.

If you would like a home euthanasia we can come to your home. Please discuss with our vets and vet nurses if you would like to organise a home euthanasia.

Cremation and Burial

After your pet has passed away, you have the options of cremation or burial of your pet's body.

Burial – You may choose to bury your pet at home (local regulations allow home owners to do this as long as the burial site is deep enough and not close to a waterway). We can advise you on options for pet cemeteries if you wish.

Cremation – We routinely use the services of Fond Farewells Pet Cremation Service. There are many options for the return of your pet's ashes. Please ask us for options and fees.

If you choose to not bury or cremate your pet we can make other arrangements, please talk to us to discuss.